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Dr. Luke and a few others are ruining music and our kids
You may not know Dr. Luke, but you most likely have listened to music he has helped create. A lot of it has the same sound like some console game or borrows from other good music though.

There is this guitar strum that drove me nuts for a long time because I kept hearing it in everything. I first heard it in the last 30 sec or so of Keith Urban's Long Hot Summer. It was in in Owl City's When can I See You Again and Good Time. Then in Flo Rida's Good Feeling. It followed me everywhere! I even started tracing things back to origins. If Flo Rida's song didn't have him singing it would be a good song...but without him it is nothing more than a sample of Etta James's 1962 single "Something's Got a Hold on Me" that was sampled by Avicii in the song Levels which was sampled by Dr. Luke and he added that Guitar strum that follows me everywhere. So, really Flo Rida has no talent at all and just ruins the song made by numerous other people. Pitbull does the same thing with the song from Dirty Dancing. A lot of the beat in Avicii's Levels even came from 1-3 old songs, so it all is a sample of a sample of a sample.

Katy Perry went from a nice girl named Katy Hudson that sung Christian music that you suddenly can't find anywhere to Dr. Luke's creation- Katy Perry the singing prostitute. Now Kesha is even suing ole Doc Luke for poor behavior.

We have Beyonce who claims she is possessed by a spirit that helps her sing (Some of her evil faces and half nude outfits make this even more vivid). We have Shakira humping speakers on stage, Miley humping Teddy Bears, and all the other crazy things the media tries to push on us as OK...and we wonder why our kids are messed up? Most of the stuff on TV now makes the "Satanic" Music in the 80's look like Christian Rock.

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